Workshops & Residencies offered by Ruth Lara Vichules

Song Writing and Translation - With examples from Ms. Vichules' and other translations of pop, jazz, and even Lord Byron, students learn how to use vowel sounds, syllabic, and rhythmic structure to translate their favorite tunes from English to Spanish and back again!. (5th grade - adult, bilingual, honors Spanish).

Song and Dance - Singing, sound and movement from diverse folk and modern traditions. Experimentation with non-traditional instruments. Using instruments provided by the artists, participants collaborate to create a musical piece. (2nd grade-adult, special education).

Singer's Handbook - Using primal sounds that humans have made since birth, learn a fun and healthy way to get ready to sing. Exercise your voice, promote flexibility, and prevent injuries.
Q & A about vocal heath and practice. Ends in group song. (jr. high - adult, chorus, master class, private lessons).

Classroom Concert - Sounds, instruments, and artists so close you can touch them! Concerts in the classroom provide a special forum for questions and spontaneous participation by the students. (all ages, special education).

Workshops offered with Eric Zang

World Rhythms - With instruments from the Balkans, the Americas, Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East, world rhythms are contrasted and compared. Using their bodies and voices as percussion instruments, participants try on rhythms. Can be combined with a hand-drumming workshop. (4th grade - adult, special education).

Drum Circle - Everyone knows what a drum circle is, but not many have drum circled with Eric Zang setting the tone, pace, and rhythm. Students participate making poly-rhythms, interlocking rhythms, and cooperative call and response. Participants must have their own hand drum or percussion instrument for this workshop. (4th grade - adult, special education).

A state certified teacher must be present for all non-adult classes.

A Production Residency is a participatory based integrated arts program where creating a performance with students is the main goal. Work is collaboratively based, relying heavily on the response of students and using their already existing talents. We need to be able to work with the same population for at least 5 and up to 20 sessions. (K-adult, special education).

Community Residencies are conducted in a community, or place outside of, but not excluding, a school setting. A community could be the population of a small town, individuals from a facility for the elderly, children and their extended families, etc. Community Residencies can be workshops, be production oriented, or follow a design called Songs and Traditions. In the Songs and Traditions residency, a "musical inventory" of a group is taken. I use participant/observation techniques to collect songs and cultural lore. Songs and Traditions residencies culminate in a public presentation in the community of the findings.

Workshops – cover a specific topic and are 45-60 minutes.
Residencies – a multi-day project in a school or community involving workshops and performances
All programs bilingual (English/Spanish)